Why Fast Burn Heads Are Important?

The term “Fast Burn” refers to its capability to rapidly and completely burn the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber present in the motor of a car. The chamber is designed to impart maximum power with flat-top pistons and it is not recommended to modify or change or reshape the chamber as that can seriously decrease the efficiency of a chamber. The fast burn heads are designed in such a way that they will fit in any small block through the conventional water flow design. It will not work with the engines LS1, LT4 or LT1 that use reverse water flow technique.

Fast burn is a 23-degree angled wedge design, developed by GM Motorsports. It is inspired by the cylinder head techniques used in the production of GM Motorsports. The heads can easily fit with standard rockers and auto-aligned rocker arms, and also with guide plates. The heads are also dual-drilled to accommodate the “Vortec” models- a mechanism that takes eight bolts to mount it with the head, or they can accommodate with a port that is raised at 23 degrees. The valve rails are also drilled dually to intake the new centrally-bolted valve covers and the old perimeter style bolt-covers.

Fast Burn headsalso feature an intake port that is slightly raised and it measures 210cc, and responds fairly well with the valve lift. The design leads to tremendous power starting from 350 to over 400 cubic inch displacements. In a nutshell, they increase horsepower of your car engine.

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