When Planning To Store Your Vehicle

There are so many reasons why one will decide to store his vehicle in a cheap self storage. It could be that he has more than one vehicles and he plan to only use the other for the time being or  maybe winter times is  coming and  to keep his vehicle safe, he decides to just put it in a storage and so on. If you are in the same situation like you plan to also store your vehicle for a month or two, then you can also follow this article on how to prepare it.

You should keep it covered

Even if you are planning to store your vehicle in a self storage yet you will choose the outdoor storage, it is best to ensure that it will be covered so that your vehicle will be protected from harsh elements like the heat of the sun and heavy rains.

Keep it really clean

You might raise your eyebrows for this as why clean a vehicle that will not be used! However, leaving your vehicle with dirt and debris on it is a sure way for it to get damaged. That is right as in time, this can be the source of bacteria development. Instead, you should ensure that every part of the vehicle is really clean like even the wheels as well as the undersides of the fenders.

The oil should be fresh

This is not applicable actually if you only plan to store the vehicle for a week or less than a month. But more than that, it should be changed as the contaminants in it can surely cause damage to your engine. In fact, this is greatly recommended by one of the most established manufacturers of vehicles. Better be safe than sorry!

Refill the tank with gas

This is also good for long term storage. This is to prevent moisture to accumulate inside the car’s fuel tank and at the same time, keeping the seals from drying out as well.

Remove the battery

Yes, this is greatly advisable if you want your battery to be still in the best condition once you will retrieve the vehicle.

It is indeed a good idea to store your vehicle in a self storage facility to ensure its safety. However, just make sure that your car is indeed well taken care of and is ready for storing.