What Does a Complete Car Service Include?

Proper maintenance of a car is necessary to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. If you do not pay attention to your car and do not get maintenance and servicing work done on a regular basis, it won’t be long before your car starts having problems. Even brand new cars can begin having issues if proper maintenance work is not done. Every three to four months, you should take your car for a proper service. Some people believe that servicing is only essential after six months, but it really depends on how much you drive. If you drive a considerable distance on a regular basis, you will obviously need to get servicing done at shorter intervals. Now, when you take your car for a service, it’s important that you know what the complete servicing plan entails. Here are the main features that you should know about.

Car Cleaning and Detailing

When you park your car at the service centre, the first thing that the company will start off with is cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The exterior of your vehicle is very likely to be extremely dirty with all of the dust and mud from the outside. When you go for car servicing in Canberra, the cleaners will start off by washing the whole body of the car and then removing any minor stains that might have formed on the surface. The interior of the vehicle will also be properly cleaned, including a complete vacuuming and washing of the mats and the carpet inside. If you want, you can also choose to get the car’s seat covers cleaned out.

Engine Bay and Underside Cleaning

The engine bay and underside of your car are likely to accumulate a lot of dirt over the passage of time. If dirt gets inside the fuel valves or the injector pipes, it can effectively bring the whole car to a halt. Most people also say that you shouldn’t get water on the engine bay of the vehicle. Ideally, you should talk to your mechanic to find out what’s the better option. If you want to play it safe, just ask the guys to use pressurised air to get rid of the dirt and then apply a lubricant spray on the surface. The underside of the vehicle, which gets covered in solid dirt over time, needs to be cleaned as well. If you don’t get it cleaned regularly, it won’t be long before the underside starts rusting.

Engine Tuneup

Engine tuneups are also offered as a part of a complete service at most major centres nowadays. Tuning the engine from time to time can ensure that the fuel efficiency of your vehicle isn’t compromised. You can also ask the company’s service people to change the oil in your vehicle, however, you will need to purchase the oil separately. Keeping your car in optimal condition shouldn’t take a lot of effort, but you do have to be careful that you take your car for servicing regularly to minimise issues.