UTE VS Van; Which Is The Right For You?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to hire a rental van or UTE, and you need to know the basic difference between the two vehicles before you can hire. Of course, different providers will offer different rental vehicles, but the van and UTE vehicles are definitely the most popular.

This all depends on your situation and what you need the vehicle for. If you want, you can check out the Self Move Hire company, together with many others and see what they have to offer before you opt for a random company. Reputation and good reviews are important when talking about such providers, so do your research!

The benefits of UTE

As many of you probably know, Utes are the go-to vehicle for a lot of Queenslanders, not to mention that the double cab 4WD Utes seem to be some of the biggest sellers in many countries. However, is UTE really the best choice for you?

You can choose from different types of vehicles in all renting companies

One of the main reasons why Utes are so popular is probably because the vehicle is able to carry five people relatively comfortably, together with a few hundred kgs worth of gear in the back, while simultaneously be able to go off-road.

In addition, the improvements of road refinement and passenger comfort also means that you can have a comfy date in the Ute without having to shout over the sound of the engine or while hitting every pothole or bump on the road.

Choose your design

There are plenty of different-looking Utes out there, which means that there is a high chance of finding the vehicle that you always wanted. Do not forget, you can also purchase a Ute vehicle if you want, but those who only need a vehicle for a short time should think about renting.

If you are interested in different providers, check out https://gowiththegecko.com.au/interstate-van-hire/or browse for your local companies, just make sure that they have good reviews and high reputation. Keep in mind that Utes come in different shapes, from the two-seater cab without a tray to a luxury double cab ute.

If you have a lot of stuff you need to move, you should rent a van

Vans are also great!

Traditionally, vans are seen as the working vehicle, and most often than not they are seen when you call up a tradesman/woman who will be traveling between jobs. Even if Utes might have stolen the spotlight as the ‘work vehicle’, vans still have an advantage in many ways.

The loading space in vans is much greater than in Ute, which means that if you will be carrying a lot of items, a van is a right choice. Loading space vans are quite adaptable and they are able to carry almost anything you might need; not to mention that they are inherently safer for load that will constantly be undercover.

On the other hand, van designs are quite limited, but in most cases, those who are hiring a van are not looking for a long-period vehicle, they are searching for a vehicle with comfort and space. Vans are quite simple-looking, and from a driver’s point of view, one could say that vans are not really more unwieldy than the dual cab Ute.

Final word

Whether you want to purchase or get a rental vehicle, the size matters the most. If you are renting, the choice should be based on the reason why you need the vehicle in the first place. IF there are a lot of items you need to carry, then hiring a rental van might be the better option.