Tips To Save Money While Buying A Used AMG Mercedes

Before buying a used AMG Mercedes, there are many factors that you need to take care of. You must make a thorough research on the car and the dealer with whom you are to make the deal. You need to examine the car carefully and look for any defects in it.

Here are certain areas where you must pay special attention while buying the car from your Mercedes dealer.

Car body

If there is rust on the car’s body, it is equivalent to cancer for a car. You must look at the entire body of the car for rust. Life the car and look for it beneath the car. Also, make sure that the crankshaft sensor of the car engine works properly. You must also test the brakes and the gearbox of the car. Make sure the brake pads are in good condition and do not make any squeaking sound.

The documents

Make sure to ask the dealer about the papers of the car. It would provide you with a guarantee of the car and all the necessary details about the date of purchase. It would also give you an account of the maintenance and the service done by the owner in previous years. Having a view of the service dates would save you money if it the owner had got it repaired recently.


It is important that you take a note of all the gadgets that come in the car. You must make sure that all the gadgets that come with the car are in proper condition and have not suffered from any damage. The navigation system, music player, screen and other gadgets should be in proper condition and working.

Maintenance and accidents

You must necessarily ask the dealer about any previous accidents that the car might have survived. This would tell you about the condition of the car. You must also ask for the services and the maintenance being taken care by the dealer. Ask him how frequently he used to get it repaired.


Buying a used Mercedes could be a headache later if things are not taken care of earlier. It is important that you clear all your doubts while making the deal and ask the dealer about all the necessary questions that may pop up. This would not make you regret later and you’ll be able to make the right decision.