Some Experts’ Tips on How to Increase the Horsepower of Your Mini Cooper

This article enlists some of the best ways on how to increase the horsepower of your MINI Cooper Denver in tenfold. Make the most of this and thank us later.

  1. Air filter upgrade

Leveling up your MINI Cooper’s air filter is probably the best decision and also the easiest and economical way to boost your horsepower. The bestselling ones are made by K&N especially designed for increasing the horsepower and acceleration. They are easily washable, reusable, and bears an epic warranty.

  1. Intake upgrade

They are meant to enhance the flow of filtered air into the engine. The more the air is, means stronger and more efficient the combustion which gives you more power. Upgrades are usually apparent in the upper RPM range where the stock restrictive intake leads the power to fall off. We believe that a 2 to 4 horsepower gain is normal with the filter upgrades and a 4 to 6 raise in horsepower with the intake upgrades. Another benefit to this is a rise in the volume of the intake sounds.

  1. Performance exhaust

These upgrades bestow your MINI with better flow and with eliminated back pressure for enhanced performance. These systems usually give a lower deeper tone with a tad bit increase in the sound volume. Many systems are installed at the front flange and others after the secondary catalytic resonator or converter.

  1. ECU Upgrade

Gain unique horsepower and torque by the means of software upgradation of your MINI’s ECU. Equip the software from the factory that is developed and has a delicate balance between the durability, fuel economy, and performance. A software upgrade upgrades the performance by manipulating with the parameters like ignition timing, fuel mixture, and pressuring the boost.

  1. Performance spark plug and wire

Upgradation of your plugs and wires tend to raise your fuel economy as well as lowers the emissions when gaining more ignitability and performance. The performance plug wires are designed in such a way to establish an extra powerful spark. This lets the energy from the ignition coil to gather in the capacitor as long as the voltage at the spark plug electrodes touches the point of ionization. The stored spark is discharged at one time that creates a spark which would be 300 more times intense and powerful than the usual one.