Signs that Prove You Need to Get Your Harley Davidson Speedometer Repair

As your car speeds up, the simplest way to ascertain your exact speed is by looking at the speedometer. Admit it that the most reliable device is subject to compromise and show incorrect information to the driver, which is a safety issue as well as can cost the driver a speeding ticket. Almost every time, the problems with the speedometer can be rooted back to the issues with the speedometer cable.

  1. Speedometer needle wavers

The speedometer should always move fluidly when your car speeds up or slows down. But there are many cases where the speedometer can be wavered or move weirdly. If this happens, this is because of the speedometer cable or the speedometer sensors inside the transmission that sends inaccurate data to the speedometer. This sign occurs when moving down the freeway, particularly if the cruise control is all set. You will be able to see the speedometer moving higher and lower, within 10 miles an hour if your speedometer cable is in a bad condition. If your speedometer is fraying rapidly but your driving speed is consistent, then your speedometer cable is most likely damaged and must be inspected or replaced by a professional mechanic at Dick’s Speed-O-Tach of Tempe ASAP!

  1. Squealing noises behind the dashboard

Always look out for this as it is never a good sign. It is caused by loose belts or other mechanical systems that manage your vehicle operation. But, if you hear squealing sound coming from behind the dashboard, then there is an issue with the speedometer cable. This damaged cable sends sporadic data to the speedometer. If there is any squealing noise from the dashboard, consult a professional to fix this.

  1. The needle doesn’t move at all

When the speedometer cable is damaged or broken, the needle on the speedometer stays stagnant. If you can relate, then consult a mechanic ASAP. A damaged speedometer is a bad safety issue as well as a traffic infraction if being pulled over by police if you are speeding. Ensure to take this issue seriously by all means to steer clear from all issues.

  1. The check engine light turns on

As the speedometer cable is electronic and it transfers the data onto a computer, the issue with this very unit will often turn on the Check Engine Light. The light gets turned on anytime the error code is displayed on the vehicle. But, anytime the Check Engine Light is turned on, note that it is not a good sign, which is why you should always consult a mechanic to address this issue before they repair the issue or replace any mechanical component.

It is a very rare case where the issue with the speedometer cable will never take place while you still own the vehicle, but nonetheless, it can still take place. And when it does, it is important that you have the speedometer cable replaced by a certified mechanic who can drop by at your place or office to deliver you this very service.