Chrysler Dealership Indianapolis

My wife and I love living in Indiana. We moved here six years ago from Boston and never looked back. Of course, we miss everyone back home, but the affordable real estate, proximity to several of our favorite mid-west destinations, and low-cost of living, certainly make up for that.

We settled in a town named Avon about a half hour west of downtown Indianapolis. It’s the best of both worlds as we have access to everything the city offers and the quiet of suburban living. It’s also located half way between I70 and I74, which makes it easy to hit the open road without the headache of city traffic.

We’ve also been able to considerably upgrade our standard of living. We owned a nice home in Boston, but that was by Boston standards. We traded our 1948 Cape Cod for a two-story Colonial built-in 2005. The new place also has a built-in pool, an outdoor kitchen, a three car garage, and two more bathrooms and bedrooms than our old home. I now have my own office, and enough yard space to chip golf balls. We did all this for about half the cost of our place in Boston.

Did someone say golf? There are about 50 courses just in the greater Indianapolis area. I’ve played over ten without ever driving more than 45 minutes. Plus many courses have T time specials at certain times of day. Others offer lunch and a drink for free with the round.

We considered moving to Arizona at first, but we like that Chicago – one of our favorite cities – is only about a three-hour drive from Avon. We’re also having a lot of fun discovering things to do in Indianapolis. Last summer I went to my first Indy 500 and really had a great time. Plus, now that we’re retired, we can snow bird in Arizona when it gets too cold here in Indiana.

Of course, with the good, always comes some bad. Unlike Boston we really needed a dependable vehicle out here. I zeroed in on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We had rented one on a recent trip to Colorado, and loved it. It drove better than anything I had ever owned. My wife couldn’t have agreed more. She likes the higher vantage point from the driver’s seat of a Jeep, and we both wanted 4×4 for the bad weather days.

So when we opened the newspaper last July 14th (Bastille Day), and saw an ad for what the dealer amusingly called “Le Chrysler Dealership Indianapolis Grande Vente”, we decided to pull the trigger.

I’m definitely not complaining however. We love the new Jeep. I suspect the low-cost of living, great golf, and proximity to our favorite places will keep us here, for a very long time.