Car Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Many people spend hours cleaning their car, but they are still unable to get that brand new look and shine that they so desire. Car cleaning doesn’t have to take hours of your daily schedule; you can clean your entire car from the inside and outside in under an hour if you have the right tools available. The problem that most people face is that they spend more time using substandard tools on their vehicle, and they expend a lot of effort without getting anything in return. If you want to clean your car properly, here are some car cleaning tips from the pros.

Invest in High Quality Tools

The first thing that you should get for properly polishing and cleaning your car’s exterior is a quality buffer. A buffer tool basically consists of a soft brush on the front that is connected to a motor. At the touch of a button, the buffer begins to swirl, and it can be used of the exterior of the vehicle. If you want to polish your car, having a buffer tool handy is very important. It will help get the polish properly absorbed and spread it evenly throughout the surface, thus making it easy for you to cover the entire car. You won’t even have to spend time brushing the surface; just run the buffer tool on it to get the desired effect. Quality car cleaning products from Sensha are widely preferred all over the country, so you might want to purchase them for your next car cleaning session.

More importantly, you will also need to purchase a high quality vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust and other food remnants that usually drop within the vehicle. It’s important that you buy a portable, hand-held vacuum cleaner that you can plug into the 12V lighter socket in your vehicle to use.

Car Shampoo and Polishes

You should ideally buy a car shampoo in order to clean the exterior of your vehicle. This is important because it helps clean the surface and gets rid of all the dirt and impurities that get stuck over time. If your car is usually parked under the open sky, bird droppings and other items may get stuck on the paint. Scratching them off is a terrible idea, and it can also cause the paint from the car to come off.

Car shampoos are not acidic, and they do not damage the paint at all. You just need to mix a bit of the shampoo in a bucket of water, and then apply it evenly on the surface. Leave it there for a couple of minutes before you use a microfibre brush to properly clean the exterior surface. Once the shampoo has had a bit of time to settle in, it will soften the hardened items that have gotten stuck to the surface, thus making it easy for you to get rid of any impurity on the surface by just running the fibre cloth on it.