BMW Performance Wheels

BMW Wheels are very constructed from the factory and provide lightweight sporty designs. However, countless BMWs each year are created with similar wheels a lot of BMW 3 series proprietors go for aftermarket wheels that shed extra pounds and enhance the looks from the vehicle.

Cast Wheel Options

To have an affordable upgrade within the factory wheels, Cast wheels are a good choice for the BMW E90. These BMW rims are cast making production significantly less pricey than the usual BMW forged wheel. Additionally, most cast aftermarket wheels are bigger in dimensions and provide sportier designs to boost the feel of your stock E92 335i.

Velocity Motoring and Avant Garde Wheels for BMW are popular cast options which are lightweight yet affordable. These 18″ and 19″ wheels for BMW are wonderful and cost-effective upgrades that change the feel of the vehicle without detracting in the classic sporty lines. Most VMR styles are TPMS friendly and accept OE BMW centercaps for any truly one-time factory look.

Flow Created Cast wheels will also be a well known option which will shed extra pounds within the factory BMW performance rims but still maintain an inexpensive cost. ADVAN Wheels and Forgestar wheels are popular flow created cast rims that really set the automobile apart and reduce increases in weight because of the flow form production process.

Forged Options

Forged aftermarket wheels supply the epitome of lightweight personalization. These BMW performance wheels are created in 1 piece forged, 2 piece forged and three piece forged options with respect to the design, manufacturer and cost point. DPE Wheels produces all 3 types and enables full personalization for application sizing, finishes along with other individual options.

HRE really are a popular forged option that are offered within their P40 monoblock forged wheel. This lightweight 1 piece construction will reduce unsprung weight and maximize performance while upgrading the general appearance of the automobile.