The OEM acronym stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. BMW OEM parts are usually less expensive as compared to the normal retail products. These products are also similar to the BMW retail products. The BMW OEM hardware and software are packaged and distributed to firms that assemble systems and are fully identical to the parts that are used in manufacturing the cars.

Any customer that would like to replace damaged vehicle parts can opt to purchase BMW OEM parts so as to ensure that the replacement parts one acquires are completely compatible with a specific car model and that they are of the same quality standards. Furthermore, these parts differ from the quality of aftermarket car parts.

The companies that are distributed with the vehicles’ software and hardware are the original parts manufacturers. This is the explanation behind BMW OEM parts being sold in generic boxes rather than the usual retail packaging. A majority of BMW products are available in various platforms in their OEM version from where customers can purchase them.

Are BMW OEM wheels cast or forged?

More often than not, the customers get curious about the BMW OEM wheels that they may intend to purchase; particularly, whether they are forged or not. It is imperative to know that hardly will any manufacturer use forged wheels. However, in the case of BMW OEM wheels, some are cast while others are forged.

As a matter of fact, the OEM wheel designs are usually sturdy or resilient to be able to tolerate the harsh conditions on the roads that the vehicles are driven on. BMW is a valid example of automakers that use forged wheels. Forged wheels are considerably much lighter and stronger as compared to their stock version.  Also, the wheels have more aggressive offset, and the width of the rim is more staggered compared to the cast wheels.

Where are BMW OEM parts purchased?

Whenever you take your car for repairs or part replacement at the dealership’s service department, you are guaranteed of getting genuine BMW OEM car parts. Normally, the OEM products are only purchased directly through dealerships, unlike the aftermarket products that can be bought from online platforms and unauthorized dealers.

If a part in your car has a problem and fails, it needs to be replaced, and it would be of great benefit to you if you are aware of the replacement part offers that have the best quality and value. BMW does not entirely make the car but instead relies on other companies to manufacture most of the parts that make the car a whole.

BMW OEM parts can, therefore, be purchased from the dealership. The dealership often guarantees great quality, but that does not imply that aftermarket BMW parts may be of less quality. The major difference is that aftermarket parts are a lot cheaper as compared to those from company-approved dealerships.

Also, there are a few websites that sell genuine BMW parts. To be certain that you are buying genuine BMW OEM parts from these websites, the website should indicate that they deal in OEM parts so that you as the buyer may know what exactly it is you are buying

Where are BMW OEM wiper blades made?

Just like the majority of BMW car parts, wiper blades are not any different, and they are made by companies that manufacture automobile parts. Genuine BMW OEM wiper blades are the preferred option because most BMW parts have an unlimited mile warranty of two years. BMW aero blades are some of the original products offered by the dealerships.

The benefits of BMW OEM vehicle parts

  1. Quality

Because the OEM parts and their constituents are built and tested as per the specifications of the manufacturer, the products guarantee to be of high-quality standards, and they are created distinctly to be fully compatible with the car.

  1. Longevity

The OEM products are designed to so that they may attain their maximum performance. Due to their high standard quality and adequate testing, they are designed to last much longer than the usual aftermarket products.

  1. Customer support

When one purchases an OEM part for their BMW, they are guaranteed access to a range of support to ensure that the customer is content and that the car parts function appropriately.

  1. The parts are warranted

This is one of the major benefits of purchasing an original BMW OEM car part. The warranty varies with each car part, but the most common is a 2-years unlimited warranty. The manufacturer also replaces

  1. Saves money/economical

Since the OEM parts are adequately tested, and their design a perfect fit, the owner is saved a lot of trouble and money from constantly replacing parts. This saves both time and money.